The backwater paradise
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Triveny River Palace

About us

"One gradually attains tranquility of mind by keeping the mind fully absorbed in the self by means of a well-trained intellect, and thinking of nothing else." - The Bhagwad Gita

Welcome to the Triveny River Palace for a world of tranquility.

Idling among the lush green acres spread in front of the calm river Pampa, the third longest river in Kerala, lies the scenic resort Triveny River Palace.

Tended with care, Triveny River Palace is carefully decorated and caters to your tastes with a wide variety of flowers including exotic orchids interspersed with trees bearing the much cherished coconuts and mangoes. Traditional architecture has been carefully used to create the ambience of this resort, which gives it an ambiance of quaintness. The generous use of wood in the architectural furnishings makes the place a hideout steeped into tradition, thus providing it the expected touch of heritage in great abundance. The resort is truly a marvel of the bygone era.

The wooden furnishings give the resort its well cultivated exquisite eco-friendly look amidst the green gold of its beautiful flora. A stay here and you will dwell in perfect harmony with nature, pristine and waiting to be explored, where you would be seduced by the subtle and delicate sounds of the nature's very own theatre. Strolling around the balcony, with a cup of tea in hand, you can enjoy the bliss of a calm River Pampa. ..the bliss that perhaps spread over from the Sabarimala temple, also situated on the banks of this very river. Of the many memories that the visitors take away with them, the memory of a fisherman, rowing through the meandering river Pampa, singing the local folk song will last forever.

While the structure and ambience is traditional, the facilities available inside the guest's room are as modern in terms of gadgets and feel, as modern can be. We have taken pains to ensure for our guests, unique signature amenities which exemplify personal service. We take pride in providing gracious hospitality with top class facilities set in opulent ambience without ever thinking of compromising on quality or exclusivity. With an enviably competitive rate and tariff charges, Triveny River Palace is your perfect idea of a holiday stay.

The tranquility of the place enlivens the heart and soul of the visitors who cannot forget this place, once they have been here. The nature talks to and whispers in your ears. The soft lapping up of the waves of the back waters, or the gentle breeze through the paddy fields, is a whisper of the nature in the ears of the visiting guests. Be it a doze under the mango tree, or a nap in the lounging chair, overlooking the back waters, the flow of time is so smooth that the holidays pass unruffled.

While you may simply soak-in the tranquility, there are abundant outdoor and indoor activities that keep the guests enthralled, if you so choose. To name a few, we have the Ayurveda wellness centre to help the guests get rejuvenated. The ayurvedic practice of the resort conforms to the highest industry standards and provides all kinds of massages and oil based ancient techniques of increasing the efficiency of the body. Did we not mention that we have bicycle ride facilities to visit the country side, House boat & motor boat cruises, gym, swimming pool and sprawling lawn for an evening stroll. Above all, our restaurant will provide you with continental, South Indian, Chinese food to be included in text. as well as North Indian delicacies.

So, whether you are looking for an activity filled holiday or a leisure break amidst glorious scenery, this is the place you ought to be.

The Triveny River Palace is an apt place to discover oneself, and to soak in all that it has to offer and get rejuvenated and get back on track.

Kerala is one of the relatively well kept secrets of all the exotic destinations in the world. And one would realize it in our resort, enjoying the equable climate, beautiful river and abundance of nature's greenery.

In short, we pledge by our country's tradition and the Sanskrit saying "Atithi Devo Bhava" which means "Guest is God".

Come to Triveny River Palace, and discover the God's Own Country.

Welcome to God's Own Home in God's Own Country.